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Improve Your Epson Stylus Sx235 Printer Performance And Quality With An Adjustment Program

The activation procedure for the Epson SX230, SX235W Adjustment program is:After paying for the program and downloading it, COPY ARCHIVE WITH THE PROGRAM ON THAT COMPUTER, WHERE THE PROGRAM WILL WORK.Be sure to extract the program from the archive using an archiver program, for example, Winrar.Launch the Adjprogr.exe program by double-clicking. A window will appear with the ID number, copy by clicking the "OK" button in this window, the window will close, the number will be copied, send it to email with the subject "I bought an Epson SX230, SX235W adjustment program from you":We will send you an activation key in response, which you copy to the folder with the program, restart the program. The program is ready to go!You keep the activation key in a safe place, in case you need to activate again.Next, you work with the program as usual, as described here, for example.Features Adjustment program Epson SX230, SX235WEpson SX230 Adjustment program, SX235W is a service program for the specified printer models, the program allows you to reset the diaper counter (testing, absorber), prescribe the printhead ID, initialize the printer and other functions.Demonstration of the programFeatures of the program:Interface language is EnglishThe program works with the printer only via USB cable.The program resets the Main pad and Platen pad counter for the following printer models:SX230, SX235WThe program will work only on one computer for which you will receive an activation key. If this computer breaks down, it will replace this or that part, whether you knew about it or not, the program will not start and will require a new key, which will be bought again.You can reinstall Windows and reactivate the program with the received key; if there are no changes in the computer, the program is activated and will work.The configuration of the computer cannot be changed, if you change the hard disk or computer processor or other part, the program will no longer be activated and you will have to buy the activation key again.The program does not work on Mac OSSome antiviruses can swear on the program, so while working with the program it is worthwhile to disable them or add the program to the exclusions.We prohibit buying the program:1. If you do not know her purpose2. If you do not know how to use it (we do not teach)3. If you do not know how to use a computer4. If you can not disable antivirus software on your computer5. If you do not know what an archiver is6. If you are not sure that the program will help you to repair the printer7. If you do not want or can not read the description of the purchased goods8. If your computer is not working due to known or unknown reasons. On a faulty computer, the program may not work.We guarantee:1. That the program is fully functional and tested on all Windows OS2. That the program works on all serviceable computers as for hardwareand without software problems and conflicts.3. What program you will receive by email, which specify at registrationorder after order payment4. That we will send you a key file (serial number) to activate the program,after you send us an email ID number from the program intext form.The main problems you may encounter are:1. Cant Download (Solve a problem with browser or computer antivirus)2. The program hangs when you click on the Check or Initialize button (you do notcleared the print queue, or the printer is not connected via USB cable)3. The program gives the error Comunication error (You did not select the port inthe program opposite to which your printer model is written)4. If, when selecting a port, a printer model is not written opposite the number,it means there are a lot of printers installed on your computer, more than 50pieces In this case, they must be removed from the Devices folder andprinters, restart the computer, after everything works.

Adjustment Program For Epson Stylus Sx235


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