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Isolation Play by Kyell Gold: A Book Review - What You Need to Know About This Furry Gay Romance

Isolation Play by Kyell Gold: A Review

If you are looking for a gay romance novel with a twist, you might want to check out Isolation Play by Kyell Gold. This book is the second installment in a series that follows the relationship of Devlin Miski, a professional football player, and Lee Farrel, a college student and activist. But there is more to this story than meets the eye. Devlin and Lee are not human, but anthropomorphic animals, or furries. They live in a world where different species coexist and interact, but also face discrimination and prejudice. In this review, I will give you an overview of what Isolation Play is about, what themes it explores, what strengths and weaknesses it has, and whether it is worth reading.

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What is Isolation Play?

Isolation Play is a novel by Kyell Gold, a prolific author of furry fiction. He has written over 20 books and won several awards for his work. Isolation Play is the sequel to Out of Position, which introduced Devlin and Lee's characters and their budding romance. Isolation Play picks up where Out of Position left off, and covers the events that happen after Devlin comes out as gay on national TV.

A sequel to Out of Position

Out of Position was published in 2009 and received positive reviews from critics and readers alike. It tells the story of how Devlin, a tiger who plays for the Chevali Firebirds, meets Lee, a fox who attends Forester University. They have a one-night stand that turns into something more, but they have to deal with the challenges of a long-distance relationship, as well as the pressure of keeping their sexuality secret in a homophobic society. Out of Position ends with a cliffhanger, as Devlin decides to come out publicly during a press conference, risking his career and reputation.

A gay romance in a furry world

Isolation Play is not your typical gay romance novel. It is set in a furry world, where humans do not exist and animals have human-like features and intelligence. They wear clothes, drive cars, use technology, and have diverse cultures and languages. They also have different sexual orientations and preferences, but homosexuality is still frowned upon by many. Kyell Gold creates a rich and detailed world that draws from real-life issues and events, but also adds his own imagination and creativity. He uses furries as a metaphor for minorities and marginalized groups, and explores how they cope with discrimination and oppression.

A winner of the Ursa Major Award

Isolation Play was published in 2011 and won the Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel of that year. The Ursa Major Awards are the furry equivalent of the Oscars, and are voted by the fans of the genre. Isolation Play also features original illustrations by Blotch, a renowned furry artist who also illustrated Out of Position and other books by Kyell Gold. The illustrations add to the visual appeal and the emotional impact of the story.

What is the plot of Isolation Play?

Isolation Play follows Devlin and Lee's struggles and triumphs after Devlin's coming out. They have to face the consequences of their decision, both personally and professionally. They also have to deal with a stubborn reporter who wants to expose their relationship, furious parents who do not accept their sexuality, and hostile teammates who do not trust them. They also have to balance their love for each other with their own goals and dreams.

Devlin and Lee's challenges after coming out

Devlin and Lee's relationship is put to the test after Devlin's coming out. They have to deal with the media attention, the public opinion, and the legal issues that arise from Devlin's contract with the Firebirds. They also have to cope with the stress and the anxiety that come from being in the spotlight. Devlin has to prove himself as a player and a leader, while Lee has to support him and deal with his own insecurities. They also have to deal with their families, who have different reactions to their sexuality.

A stubborn reporter, furious parents, and hostile teammates

Devlin and Lee's enemies are not few. They have to face a reporter named Brian Denison, who is determined to get a scoop on their relationship and expose their secrets. He follows them around, harasses them, and tries to blackmail them. He also has a personal vendetta against Devlin, who he blames for ruining his career. Devlin and Lee also have to deal with their parents, who are not supportive of their choices. Devlin's father, a former football star, is ashamed of his son and disowns him. Lee's mother, a conservative politician, is angry at her son and tries to control him. They also have to deal with their teammates, who are not all happy about Devlin's coming out. Some of them are homophobic, some of them are jealous, and some of them are suspicious.

All's fair in love and war

Despite all the obstacles and challenges, Devlin and Lee do not give up on each other. They fight for their love and their happiness, even if it means risking everything. They also find allies and friends who support them and help them along the way. They learn from their mistakes and grow as individuals and as a couple. They also discover new aspects of themselves and their sexuality, and explore new ways of expressing their feelings. They realize that love is not easy, but it is worth fighting for.

What are the themes of Isolation Play?

Isolation Play is more than just a romance novel. It is also a social commentary that tackles various themes that are relevant to today's society. Some of these themes are:

Identity and acceptance

One of the main themes of Isolation Play is identity and acceptance. Devlin and Lee have to deal with their own identities as gay men, as furries, as athletes, as students, as sons, as lovers, etc. They have to accept themselves for who they are, but also face the rejection and the judgment of others who do not accept them. They have to find their place in a world that does not seem to welcome them or understand them.

Family and friendship

Another theme of Isolation Play is family and friendship. Devlin and Lee have to deal with their families, who are not supportive or accepting of their sexuality or their relationship. They have to cope with the loss of their parents' love or respect, or the pressure of their parents' expectations or demands. They also have to find new families among their friends, who are more supportive or accepting of them. They have to rely on their friends for emotional support or practical help.

Sports and society

A third theme of Isolation Play is sports and society. Devlin and Lee have to deal with the role of sports in society, especially football, which is a popular but also controversial sport. They have to deal with the expectations and the stereotypes that come with being athletes, especially gay athletes. They have to deal with the politics and the economics that influence sports, especially football, which is a lucrative but also corrupt business. They also have to deal with the ethics and the morals that govern sports, especially football, which is a violent but also noble game.

Q: What is the Ursa Major Award and how did Isolation Play win it?

A: The Ursa Major Award is an annual award that recognizes the best works of anthropomorphic or furry literature, art, and media. It is voted by the fans of the genre and presented at a furry convention. Isolation Play won the Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel of 2011, beating four other nominees. It was the second time that Kyell Gold won this award, after Out of Position in 2009.

Q: What is a furry and why did Kyell Gold choose to write about them?

A: A furry is a person who is interested in or identifies with anthropomorphic animals, or animals with human-like features and intelligence. Furries may express their interest or identity through various ways, such as art, literature, media, costumes, role-playing, etc. Kyell Gold chose to write about furries because he is a furry himself and he wanted to explore the themes and issues that furries face in their lives. He also wanted to create a unique and diverse world that reflects his own imagination and creativity. 71b2f0854b


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