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As with the rest of the Madrigal family, Agustín was designed to reflect "family archetypes that are immediately relatable".[5] Of all the characters in the film, Agustín was the one who underwent the most changes and designs before reaching his final version. The studio initially, in addition to creating Agustín as the protagonist, was also to be the head patriarch of the Madrigal family and the one who built Casa Madrigal. However, this was changed due to a field guide on Colombia telling the studio that the local communities are matriarchal and the studio wanted the story to feature women, which led to the creation of Alma as the matriarch and Mirabel as the protagonist.[6] During the creation process, Agustín in other concepts originally had a messier hairstyle and sported a long mustache. Similar to the final product, Agustín looked like a "city man", coming from "somewhere similar to Bogotá", being well-put-together and wearing a suit. This makes him a "fish out of the water" in the Encanto.[7]

We Own This City - Potere e ... 2022 - 1 stag...

In this article we analyze the recent popularization of DIY craft culture. We evaluate craft culture, or "fabriculture," around three major knots: (1) the spaces of production, especially as they are gendered; (2) the relationship between old and new technology or how the digital and the tactile merge; (3) how this popular cultural form, weaving together folk and commercial culture, provides new modes of political activism. Examining Web sites, practitioners' statements, and other craft-related events, we assess the tendencies within fabriculture. While cyberculture and digital culture seem inherently opposed to the archaic practices of weaving, spinning, and crafting, we situate fabriculture within this field of new media study. Ultimately, we seek to conceptualize craft as power (the ability or capacity to act), as a way of understanding current political possibilities. 041b061a72


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