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Battlestations Pacific: The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking All the Special Units and Enhancing Your Game Experience

Yeah nice one elite, ive have not played online just yet and was until your post currently unaware that there were unlockable units online and if you do know what ones there are and the requirements ill update the thread, which at this moment im still not untirely sure that they are all correct? if there are corrections let me know and il ajust accordingly, cheers again dude.

Battlestations pacific unlock all units mod pc

Download Zip:

Got this from -US/content/unit-focus-%E2%80%93-p80-shooting-star Oh and the Japanese one is apparently called the Nakajima Kikka, I'm going off the unit identification sheet in the BP box, the Kikka is under the dive bombers section not under the fighters section, does that mean Japan's first jet was a dive bomber? Oh, to unlock both of the units you MUST reach the rank of Fleet Admiral (last rank) Which some people are apperantly at already.

The games now includes several different types of environment effects, most notably the addition of night, day and other weather effectsOver 100 playable units are includedA Japanese campaign which reflects plans that the Japanese had constructed if the pacific war had turned in their favour is also included with the historical US campaign.The usability of the game has gained developer attention, with the learning-curve being shortened and the tabs for launching units and repairs was simplified.


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