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HACK Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate Key ##VERIFIED##

We need VS2012 support urgently but are not interested in Windows 8 nor .NET 4.5 (since it's not supported on Windows XP). This should be the situation for a lot of people. Could you perhaps make a prompt release for VS2012 (as I've seen people fix 99 % of this with a 5 minute MSI MS Orca hack) and fix .NET 4.5 and Windows 8 later?

HACK Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate Key


I agree. I'm in the situation where we aren't planning on adding any windows 8 support for our product, but we would still like to move to visual studio 2012 asap. We can't until Crystal Reports supports it.

It's not just a simple matter of packaging it up after changing a few parts or hacking the MSI. A New Framework version and an update to integration as well as our Developers are working with Microsoft Developers to resolve issues we've discovered in VS 2012 itself.


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