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Windows 7 Ultimate Usb Stick Edition Zip

Another feature that sets WinRAR apart from the other alternatives to WinZip is the function that allows users to estimate the size of the files to be packed as a zipped archive in advance. This proves to be a very big advantage if, for example, you want to zip a number of large files and drag them onto a USB stick or a CD. With WinRAR, you can choose the encryption method and protect your archives with a password as required.

windows 7 ultimate usb stick edition zip

The WinZip alternative is suitable for Windows (7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, Win XP, Win 2000), Linux, and Mac OS X. Both 32 bit and 64 bit systems are supported. However, since WinRAR 5.40, the penultimate version (as of March 2018), the system requirements have been increased. To use them, you must have at least Windows XP SP 3. RAR5 files can only be opened with WinRAR 5.

Once ubiquitous, USB flash drives have declined in popularity with the advent of the cloud, but these portable devices have a lot to offer. Also known as thumb drives or memory sticks, flash drives provide storage to back up precious photos, play movies on the big screen, or copy files from one phone or laptop to another. They are affordable, small enough to fit on a keychain, and boast ever-increasing capacities and data transfer speeds.

The disk is in ISO image format that you can burn to any CDs, DVDs or USB sticks and then use it as a bootable recovery CD/DVD/USB. We provided step-by-step instructions how to burn the ISO image below.

My laptop was not windows 10 compatible and once windows 10 trial period ran out and I could not return to windows 7 it turned out the bios and drivers in my computer were not working in windows 10. All I get is a blue screen and a turning circle for hours and hours, but it never boots.My system restore disk did not work.Do you have a method to repair this with a restore disk for windos 7 pro

Hello there,Well my goal was to do a clean format and reinstall windows to factory setting. I had done that before with the Windows 7 recovery disks that I burned when I first got my Asus laptop. But this time I could not find the recovery program, being fraustrated I tried to restore it using the F9 key, it wanted to restore by making a system image, and then it ended up overwriting the harddrive. Now windows will not boot at all. It goes to a black screen asking for media to boot.Now the question is will your software help me? Also can I still format and reinstall windows to a clean state?

we just purchased and downloaded Acer repair disk for windows 7. Order # BA9BA8BA62216A1. Problem: downloaded file they are currupt. How can I download these files? Option, can you send them to me as an attachment to an email?

Tengo una computadora sony vaio con windows 7, me marca windows error recovery, y no inicia el windows, tampoco me deja restaurar el windows con los discos de la pc. Quiero recuperar los archivos (imagenes, documentos, videos) que tenia en la computadora. El disco de recuperación que ustedes ofrecen me pueden ayudar con esto?

@Fernando: Yes, my friend. The EasyRE CD or USB will let you copy your documents, pictures, videos, etc. from your non-working PC to a USB stick or external drive. If you have a wired ethernet connection to the internet you may also be able to email them to yourself.

I have an emachines vista computer. I want to reset complete like new. But I do not have the disk to add again the windows. Can you help me to download the program? I am not very knowledgeable on computers. I will need a lot of help. Thank you

  • Run Ultimate Boot CD from your USB memory stick. A script on the CD prepares your USB memory stick so that it can be used on newer machines that supports booting from USB devices. You can access the same tools as you would from the CD version.

Recently I wanted to clone my existing ALU USB stick for use with a new Legends Gamer Mini. Below are the steps I used to accomplish this, it was a bit easier than going through all the steps above a 2nd time. While it may not appear that way given the sub-steps shown, it actually is less effort and faster.

BADLY needed clarification: you have to partition your target drive first, in disk management. first delete all partitions on your empty target drive by right clicking in diskmgmt. then create simple volume, 100 MB, NTFS, drive letter R for example (this is = system reserved aka the small sector containing boot loader for windows) and quick format. Next format the remaining large unallocated space, to K (or whatever letter other than A, B, and cant use C because the computer youre running this cmd on already has a C drive) NTFS and quick format. Then run the installer.cmd. Then the first prompt for OS partition thats where windows files will install, in my example K drive, and select R drive as the boot drive. If this method actually worked these are the steps you need but I think this guide is broken, or I cant find a solution for the life of me. wintousb doesnt work, as selecting my drive in bios afterwards it still wont boot, just crashes.

One of my biggest frustrations with the Net is people who actually know less than they want people to think they do. I am wanting to put Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on a stick, and i am doing some reading to see how to do it. I just wasted some valuable time reading this crap. One good soul at least warned us that using this method can damage our C drive installation of Windows as well! Flush this stuff down the sewer and give us GOOD instructions on how to create a bootable Window USB drive.

You can use this method to install a new clean version of windows in place of the one you have; all your data, settings, drivers and software are erased though so if you want you want to keep them you have to back them up beforehand. to do this you input the same disk for both the Active partition and the installation partition.

HELP PLEASE!!!!!I used windows xp to run the script, and at the end I got some errors. While trying to boot for the first time it installs just fine, but when i reboot to just run windows, it will stop halfway loading the windows logo, flash a blue screen and then reboot. I filmed it and watched in slow motion and it says something about new hardware failurePLEASE HELP!!!!!

Hello! While trying to do this, in the image number, there are no images available (to choose which version of windows I want to install).Does anyone else had this problem? Any ideas in how to solve it?Thank you for your help!

For those facing Blue screen.It means that the new hardware (for the usb hard disk loptop) were undefined so.Before going through the previous steps make the following:1- The WAIK folder and Windows Folder save them in any partition of the usb had diskThen go on with the magic steps at the end before restarting the computer1- Remove the hard disk and attach it to the original Laptop2- Start the original laptop and it will start the installation windows and begin to identify the hardware.I wish i have made something good

I have followed all the steps (had to find and download some of the files from other sources). Am using windows 7 and when I try to install Windows 7 (64) although the external drive is shown as an option, when I choose it I am informed that:

hi i have done all the above procedure using a 8 gb pen drive the hole procedure is done as u say but when i am restarting my PC nothing happened its start normally or when i start using boot option and c house pen drive ctl+alt+del error has come what should i do can i upgrade my pen drive or there is ant other way i want to use windows in my pen drive

In the end, when the boot from the external usb hard disk is required to finish the windows installation, unplug the disk and connect it to the PC in which you wish to recover your lost information. The external disk will boot up normally to finish the windows installation, then go to the broken disk to rescue your lost information.

i managed to make a solution with the no grldr problem. now i facing with the Blue Screen! after it boots and loads windows 7 logo it hang up and blue screen shows. i read that some solutions is to disable SATA from bios, but when i check my bios, i did not found any SATA configuration. help please

It works with 64 bit windows also. runs a little slower than having an actual HDD but surprisingly fast for a portable HDD. just follow the steps and make sure everything is good.You can also input this within the cmd window after restart and install so that you can run on any pc=

Can someone help me fix the corrupted boot sector of myhard drive? I installed the win7 pro onto my WD hard drive with the helpb of this document but after a windows update I cannot boot it anymore.Thanks

hi, i do this with windows 8 and working, i use windows7 ultimate x64 and i install win8 32bit to seagate expansion 320gb. imagex.exe[find in my friend pc,i think its for win vista] bcdboot.exe[find in win7 drive C: ] bootsect.exe[find in win7 enterprise dvd] in step 10 i restart my laptop and after rebooting its boot to win 7 i restart again and boot win8 and do install progress until chose partition and close setup, rebooting system and boot from my hdd, win8 coming and so nice :D i play pinball in win8 and its amazing. i shout down win8 and disconnect my hdd, turn o my laptop and see blue screen say need usb or disk, i put win7 disk and boot this and use system recover, automatic find problem and fix, rebooting and boot to my win7 but now my microsoft essential security say windows did not pass genune validation, and see under screen in my background this copy of windows is not genuine. this is good have OS on portable hdd but lost your win on internal hdd, its should have a boot menu to chose..tnx

I would like to add, I have been trying MANY methods to try and install/run windows 7 on a External USB device. This worked up until I booted like normal, and it intsalled drivers,services,Windows 7 Ultimate..Then I got the bootloader error message..


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