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Can I Buy Moneypak With Paypal

Green Dot Bank also operates under the following registered trade names: GO2bank, GoBank and Bonneville Bank. All of these registered trade names are used by, and refer to, a single FDIC-insured bank, Green Dot Bank. Deposits under any of these trade names are deposits with Green Dot Bank and are aggregated for deposit insurance coverage up to the allowable limits.

can i buy moneypak with paypal

All third-party names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners. These owners are not affiliated with Green Dot Corporation and have not sponsored or endorsed Green Dot Bank products or services. Neither Green Dot Corporation, Visa U.S.A. nor any of their respective affiliates are responsible for the products or services provided by Ingo Money and Plaid, Inc. Partner terms and conditions apply.

While surfing the Internet, your screen locks up with a message pretending to be from the FBI or another law enforcement agency. The message states that there has been a violation of law punishable by fines and penalties and directs you to pay them using a MoneyPak immediately or criminal charges will be filed and your computer will remain locked. You follow the instructions and pay using a MoneyPak. Your computer may or may not remain locked.

A caller claims to be from a utility provider, and the caller-ID verifies the source of the call. The caller threatens customers with disconnecting service to their home or business if they fail to make an immediate payment using a MoneyPak card. The caller-ID is falsified, and any payments made will not go to the utility provider and cannot be traced. If you receive a suspicious call that claims to be from a utility provider, end the call and contact the utility provider at the number listed on your bill. Michigan utilities have a variety of payment options available for customers, including the ability to pay over a secure Internet site; by U.S. mail; in person at an authorized pay agent location; or by Visa, MasterCard, or an eCheck using an authorized utility agent.

If you decide to buy MoneyPak at a store, be aware that fees and limits apply when using it. MoneyPaks can deposit anywhere from $20 to $500 to a debit card, but there are maximums of $1,000 or six deposits per debit card within 24 hours; $1,000 or 8 deposits per debit card within seven days; and $1,000 or 12 deposits per debit card within 30 days.[1]

Most over the phone or email requests for payment(s) involving the use of Green Dot MoneyPak, Western Union, and MoneyGram usually involve some type of fraud/criminal activity. Even if the phone number showing up on your Caller ID appears to be legitimate, it is most likely is not and has been "spoofed", which is when a caller deliberately falsifies the phone number sent as the Caller ID number to hide the true identity of the caller. If you are not sure if it is a scam, done either over the phone or by email, please call the Princeton Police Department at 609-921-2100 Option Number 3 and speak with a Detective, before sending any money to anyone using the means described.

MoneyGram, the second largest wire-transfer company, faced accusations from the commission that it had knowingly allowed fraudulent telemarketers to use its system to bilk consumers out of tens of millions of dollars. MoneyGram reached an $18 million settlement with the FTC in that case.

Scott joined American Medical Sales and Rentals in 2008 as a Web Manager and Content Writer. He is a writer and designer. He is extensively trained on oxygen therapy products from leading manufacturers such as Inogen, Respironics, Chart, Invacare, ResMed and more. Scott works closely with respiratory therapists and oxygen specialists to educate the community about oxygen therapy products, COPD, asthma and lung diseases. He writes weekly columns and is passionate about educating the community on oxygen therapy and respiratory issues.

MoneyPak is a stored-value card ("cash top-up card") provided by Green Dot Corporation. It's typically purchased with cash at a retailer, then used to fund prepaid debit cards or on-line wallet services like PayPal or Serve. A handful of MoneyPak partners also accept MoneyPak funds as same-day payments for their services; these include credit cards, bank accounts, digital wallets, online wagering accounts, online games, digital content accounts, prepaid phone services, and satellite TV services.[1]

A MoneyPak typically carries a flat $4.95 service fee, which is charged at point of sale along with the value stored on the card. There are sometimes promotions where MoneyPak will refund the service fee under certain terms (see section MoneyPak and PayPal below, for example).

PayPal's terms of service do not allow funds added by MoneyPak to be withdrawn and sent to the account holder's bank account. PayPal's intention is that those funds added will be used for sending money to a merchant or to another PayPal member.[citation needed]

Through the end of 2013, a special promotion allows PayPal users to fund their accounts one time with a MoneyPak card and have the MoneyPak service fee refunded; special terms and conditions apply.[3]

You can purchase MoneyPak to deposit $20 to $500 in cash at 70,000+ retailers nationwide, including 7-Eleven, CVS, Dollar General, Rite Aid, Walgreens and more. You can then simply transfer your MoneyPak funds to your OneUnited Bank debit card and checking account, 24/7 at Your cash will be available within minutes!

There are no load fees charged by OneUnited Bank when you use MoneyPak, although there is a flat fee to purchase MoneyPak1. And once funds from your MoneyPak are transferred to OneUnited Bank, they are available within minutes and are FDIC insured!

1MoneyPak, offered by Green Dot, charges a flat fee of $5.95 for each MoneyPak of $20-$500. To deposit $200 in cash, as an example, will require $205.95. To deposit $1,000, will require two MoneyPaks or $1011.90. To learn more about MoneyPak, including locations nearest you, how MoneyPak works and how to protect your funds using MoneyPak, simply visit

After receiving a call from someone who claims to be collecting a debt for either a Utility Company or the Internal Revenue Service, people are being threatened with the loss of their heat, electricity or told they will be deported.

The victim is contacted by a caller who states that they work at a utility company and are collecting money that is past due. The caller informs the victim that they can avoid having their utility service disconnected if they immediately pay the past due amount using a Green Dot MoneyPak card that can be purchased at a local store. The caller instructs the victim to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak card in a specified amount and provides the victim with a phone number to be called back when the MoneyPak has been obtained.

Green Dot MoneyPak cards themselves are legitimate products when used for the right purposes. Once purchased at a participating retailer with cash, consumers can use MoneyPaks to reload other prepaid cards, add money to a PayPal account without using a bank account, or make same-day payments to major companies. Because the cards can only be bought with cash, consumers never need to disclose their personal or financial information to a retail cashier or to make a payment.

While many schemes still involve scammers asking for funds to be wired to them, MoneyPaks have the added benefit of the scammer not having to show up at an office to claim the funds. Anyone with the 14-digit number found on the back of the MoneyPak card can drain the card of funds.

Instead of being asked to wire money, the scammer instructs the consumer to purchase a prepaid debit card and call them back with information off the card. Prepaid debit cards have become an increasingly common payment method among consumers, the D.A. said.

If you receive calls or an email or text from anyone asking for immediate payment with a Green Dot card, gift card or via PayPal, stop and consider that it may be a scam. Report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP or visit their website at

Please note, you cannot have both a Serve and Bluebird account at the same time. American Express Serve can be loaded with mile-earning credit and debit cards, though some credit card companies will treat this as a cash advance. In this case, the transaction will incur fees and you will not earn any points.

I do this at my local Rite Aid a few times per week and have had no issues paying with a credit card. Two other locations have challenged me, one relented and the other did not. Regardless of the disclaimer, reloads via CC are available and I do it all the time, but picking your location and being able to navigate the conversation should it arise is key to success.

You can only load to GoBank with a Moneypak for the first initial load and none after that. I tried GoBank and this was my experience after trying and then calling customer service. If anyone has any insight on this matter though, I would be open to a way to do it since I already have the account.

The Green Dot MoneyPak is a cash reload product that can be used to reload a prepaid debit card, add money to a PayPal account without using a bank account or to make same-day payments to major companies.

Victim receives an email masquerading as Amazon order confirmation (example email). The email is intended to notify that their order has been shipped hoping that the victim will notice that they did not order the item and immediately call the number displayed in the email. The number will direct you to the scammer where they will attempt to ascertain your personal information and credit card information. These emails are not usually text based and all of the content is contained in a large image to thwart anti-spam engines. In addition, the sender usually uses a generic email address, often Gmail. Residents should always check suspicious emails like this with their Amazon account or by calling Amazon directly at (888) 280-4331. Never call the numbers displayed in suspicious emails. 041b061a72


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