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[S5E17] Of Course BEST

The crew begins investigating and find that anything replicated, including food, instantly starts degrading. However Neelix has discovered several items on the ship are showing no signs of degradation, the common factor being that they were brought aboard Voyager over the last few months. Chakotay and Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok backtrack Voyager's course over the past year to try and find out what happened to the ship and crew to cause the degradation.

[S5E17] Of Course

Janeway tries to explain their situation, but they will not listen. After Voyager's weapons prove ineffective, Tuvok suggests a way to destroy the mining vessel, but Janeway orders the landing canceled, reminding the crew they are still Starfleet officers. She has them send a distress signal on all bands in the hopes that the real Voyager will find them while also maintaining their course to the Alpha Quadrant. Chakotay feels that their journey has gone far enough and bravely confronts Janeway in her ready room to express his and the remaining crew's desire of returning to their real home of the Demon planet. In the midst of the heated conversation, Chakotay's degeneration becomes critical and he is admitted to sickbay, only to die moments later.

Realizing her error in judgment, Janeway decides then to follow her first officer's advice and turns the ship around, bringing back online the hazardous new warp drive and setting a course for the Demon planet.

An asteroid is on a collision course for Earth. The Asgard can't help, and the Tok'ra are hard to find, so they return to Revanna to repair a Tel'tak, and SG-1 could deliver a Nuclear warhead to destroy it. However, they soon learn that the asteroid may not be natural in origin.

They arrive in Earth's solar system and after their engines fail they are on a collision course with the asteroid. Both SG-1 and Stargate Command realize that the ship doesn't have enough space to decelerate to land. While the SGC sees them hit the asteroid's surface, the scout ship actually enters a massive canyon, and it gives them the extra distance to brake enough to put the ship down, but their communications with Earth are severed. General Hammond believes them to be dead and an evacuation on Earth commences.

Between last year's course changes and this year's start andfinish changes, Life Time has been making some bold moves in theLeadville 100. We bring Life Time's Ryan Cross onto the show todetail what the changes are and how they'll affect you.

A story about how Dean says 'yes' to Michael but everything doesn't turn out quite as expected. AU after S05E17, '99 Problems', continues into Plot of S05E18 'Point of no Return' and then takes its own course. Features Brotherly fluff and Angst, Dean/Lisa, Dean!Michael (not romantic), Adam, Gabriel, Lucifer and many others. More inside :). Rated T for Violence, Blood and swears. No slash. No romance focus, mainly story driven.

HOLD UP! WAIT A MINUTE! How did this lovely lady stumble into such a scene? Well, it turns out that Roseanne's cousin (Joan Collins!) Ronnie has popped in for a little visit! Ronnie packed up and left Lanford for New York years ago, so of course her suitcase is positively brimming with wonderful wares! Hey key pieces are a blousy top, high and tight leggings or trousers, gorgeous jewels, and some massively teased hair. This little fancy feast is a sight for sore eyes! 041b061a72


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