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Buy Metal Stairs

The Iron Shop only uses precision-cut, high-grade metals, luxuriously-grained woods, and durable composite materials like high-performance Trex boards. And because they are so compact, they are perfect for applications where space is at a premium.

buy metal stairs

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Our wide range of specialty staircase options include Victorian spiral staircases with ornamental scrolling and cutwork embellishments, kiln-dried red oak spiral staircases with precision woodwork and high quality hardwood that is hand-selected by a Master Carpenter, unobtrusive floating stairs with clear sightlines, combo stairs that fuse traditional and spiral segments for areas with restricted openings, half-turn stairs perfect for accessing hard-to-reach basements and attics, and simple and convenient folded stairs.

Fast-Stairs are both permanent and re-usable and easy to customize. Fast-Stairs offer do-it-yourself stair solutions for consumers, remodelers, builders and contractors alike. There is no easier, faster or better way to build super strong and economical stairs. The safe, rustproof powder-coated stringers set up and adjust easily for all stairs including basements, attics, lofts, condos, post-frames, storage, garages, warehouses, barns, cabins and outdoor uses including roofs, decks, landscape & construction job sites.

Shop our straight metal staircases that are specially built for your home and arrive as a single metal staircase kit. It will include all of the components, tools, and hardware required to install it yourself. Our DIY system is perfect for open concept or modern homes. Pair it with our stainless steel railing! For more information contact one of our experts by clicking the button below.

A Paragon metal spiral staircase accommodates any indoor or outdoor project. An aluminum or galvanized metal spiral staircase is strong, reliable, and a perfect accent piece for outdoor decks or patio areas. In addition to being a great metal outdoor spiral staircase option, wood accents, custom handrails, and powder coated finishes allow these metal spiral stairs to be warmer and more decorative indoor stairs. Regardless of what your next project is, Paragon can provide the perfect metal spiral staircase for you. Browse our metal spiral staircase products for inspiration and then schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with our SMA Certified designers.

Save yourself the days or weeks of inconvenience dealing with traditional stair construction. Installing pre-engineered stairs typically takes less than a day, and can be done with tools you probably already have around the house.

Metal commercial stairs are designed to be installed with minimal disruption to your routine. The stairs are delivered to your door with everything you need to safely and securely set them up, and intuitive instructions to make sure the job is done right. Though you may worry about the weight, steel steps are surprisingly light, meaning most metal steps for your deck or interior can be installed with the help of only one other person.

We are a Nationwide manufacturer of standard and custom components for commercial stair systems, including, metal stairpans, perforated metal stairpans, stair treads, landing pans, carrier angles and more.

Just as stair stringers can be made from different kinds of materials, they can also be built in different styles and types. The difference in styles depends on the type of stair design, the function and use of the stair, and the material used for construction of the stairs.

Closed stair stringers are referred to by many different names including routed, housed, side and box stringers. This type of stringer is positioned outside the treads and risers so that the stairs are contained in between the two stringers. Closed stair stringers feature notches in which the treads and risers can be inserted. With this type of stringer, the edge of the tread is not visible and the vertical parts of the handrail (made up of balusters and newels) are typically attached to the top of the stringer.

Designing and installing a new set of industrial steel stairs doesn't have to be complicated. It also doesn't have to be a hassle. Far too often, the process lacks transparency; pricing is hidden behind a lengthy on-site consultation.

The professionals at Stair Zone know that modern-day business moves at the speed of light. You need an efficient job site that's accessible by all your employees without costly downtime. We have more than 30 years experience designing steel industrial stairs. That's why our stair-building process gives you power, choice, and control right out of the gate.

If you have an old or broken set of industrial stairs, you need them fixed right away so that your employees can get the job done. Sales calls and consultations have their place, but they don't always fit into your busy schedule. Sometimes you have to schedule an on-site consultation weeks out, and even then, it takes time out of your busy management schedule to meet and speak with the representative.

Our design process eliminates all that. Stair Zone gives customers all the tools they need to design the perfect set of industrial metal stairs right on our website. We walk you through the process with simple drop down menus and multiple options for every important component of the design process.

Before you can design your industrial stairs, we need a little information from you. We keep it simple, only asking for what's necessary in order to create a custom stair for you. Here's what we need to know:

After establishing your overall measurements, it's time to select a style for each tread. We offer a range of different surface options for your industrial metal stairs. It's important to consider how the staircase will be used when selecting tread type.

Diamond plate is a more economical option and typically selected for indoor stairs. Bar grating is the best option for external stairs because it offers the best traction for rain, ice, and snow. Our stair treads include:

Our tread options ensure that your industrial stairs have the perfect tread style to promote efficiency and safety on your job site. The tread depth (or "tread rise") is visible on the stair builder page. As you change the overall height of your stair, the individual tread depth will adjust.

The next option is the type of handrail that you want your industrial metal stairs to have. We offer four different types of handrail options so that you can find the perfect fit for your industrial staircase. Those options include:

Before we can send you an approval drawing, there is one final thing to take into consideration: finishing options for your industrial stairs. We offer 4 standard options designed to fit a wide variety of needs. Those options include:

Our basic gray primer is perfect if you want to paint the stairs in your own after-market color. Safety yellow can be used to draw attention to dangerous conditions in areas where safety is a primary concern. Our gray paint is a commercial finish that differs in luster from the gray primer, and our black epoxy finish is perfect for exterior industrial metal stairs.

When it comes to metal stairs for sale, no one does it as hassle free as Stair Zone. Our entire process is designed with our customers' comfort in mind. Using our online ordering tool helps you to prevent unnecessary downtime and ensure the efficiency and productivity of your work site.

A highly detailed stair model, suitable for industrial scenes. Textures (diffuse, specular, and normal) are included, 1024x1024 px resolution. Materials have been set up already. The flight of stairs reach a height of 2.4 metres, with individual steps approximately 16cm high, 27cm deep, and 120cm wide. The model is deliberately left separated into three objects - the tread, the stringers, and the handrail, allowing for ease of customisation.

Want an easier way to build deck stairs? Check out Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing for an easier way to create deck stairs that last longer and require less maintenance than traditional wood stringer boards.

Stair buttons are small, metal pieces that screw onto your framing square at precise points - these allow you to consistently trace the same lengths onto your stringer boards for the rise and run of the staircase.

While wood has been the traditional material for deck stairs, there are modern alternatives that can make it easier to plan (and maintain) your deck stairs. You can use Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing to create the foundation of your deck stairs, even if the rest of your deck framing is made from traditioinal wood.

Piner Stairs 25" Pet Stairs offer a beautiful and convenient alternative for helping pets reach their favorite places. The sturdy construction and rich espresso finish means these stairs can be proudly displayed in any home. If needed, these stairs can be folded flat for convenient storage or transport. Safety side rails are built into the design so your pet can climb up and down with confidence.

[Lightweight & durable]: The foldable large dogs stairs is made with aluminum which weighs only 13lbs, easy to carry for travelling. Meanwhile, this portable dog ramp is also heavy-duty enough to support up to 250 pounds. Each step is durable enough to withstand heavy-duty use.

Outdoor stairs commonly feature staircases, as are the two basic types of stairs. If your customers are looking for an additional layer of staircase, stainless steel stairs, or aluminum staircases, and are also referred to as non-slip staircases.

There are many different types of metal fire stairs, such as outdoor gas fire stairs, outdoor metal fire stairs, and many other materials. These stairs come in different materials and designs. For children, there are several types of metal fire stairs, such as outdoor gas stairs and outdoor metal fire stairs, depending on the type of stairs. They can also be made out of different materials, such as wood or metal staircases, and are made with different materials. There are also staircases that can be made from different materials, 041b061a72


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